June 25

How Seductive Are You?


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How Seductive Are You?


After a first date, the girl asks you to come upstairs for a drink

While on a first date, the girl looks deeply into your eyes, but you're not sure if she likes you

Your best friend has a crush on a girl, but she clearly likes you

While in the bed making out, the girl says, "I never sleep with guys on the first date"

A female friend of yours texts you, "come over" at 2am, but you know she has a boyfriend

At the store, you notice an attractive girl staring at you

An attractive girl says, "you look nice in that color." You reply

How Seductive Are You?
Playa Playa, you're very seductive

very seductive playa playa

Meh, You're about average

average seduction

Nah, You're not seductive at all

not seductive at all

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