the himalaya playa the mens cheat code to attracting and seducing women

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What They Say about the Book

“Teaches guys things I didn't even know about myself!”

Julie Cherez

“I though I knew everything about seducing women, but this book made things way easier!”

Travis Cohler


What’s Inside the Book?

Increase Your Confidence

The seduction community is full of terrible advice, especially that pua trash. My techniques don't require 100's of cold approaches or memorizing what to do next. Best of all, they work.

Improve Your Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is essential to success with women. I will improve yours while teaching you to read women.

Expand Your Social Skills

I will teach you how to be social in a healthy way. Knowing how to socialize, will allow you to be more social.

About the Author

The Himalaya Playa

Do you have trouble talking to women? Are you tired of not having a woman in your life and more importantly not having sex?

I was unsuccessful with women, unlike my closest friends who easily got action. I was shy, awkward, and the thought of talking to girls made me sick.

I've evolved to become a man with more women than time. I lose 1 and pick up 2. My rotation is too full to rotate. Cause my game fresh as Colgate.

Now, I'm giving away my secrets...

Learn from the best. Women want me. Men want to be me. I am, “The Legendary Playa from the Himalayas.”

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the himalaya playa the mens cheat code to attracting and seducing women