What You Should Know About Motivation to Workout


What You Should Know About Motivation to Workout

Lacking Motivation to Workout?

I’ve heard guys complaining about working out and it stems from a lack of motivation.

The biggest reasons I hear for no motivation to workout:

“I don’t want to look like a meathead!”

“I don’t want to spend all my time at the gym!”

“I can’t afford a gym membership!”

If these are your reasons for not working out, you’re truly suffering from a lack of motivation and don’t understand the true purpose for working out.

Why you don’t want to workout

Many people view fitness as a type of physical lottery. Basically, a luck of the draw having good genetics that allows certain people to be fit.

Truth is, everyone can workout, short of the deathly ill. Anyone is able to get in shape, but it takes work. That’s where the real motivation to workout comes into play.motivation to work out

Getting into shape is hard for everyone. Every fit person you see has worked hard for that fitness. Even the people you see in those infomercials that claim to give you a six-pack by doing nothing.

Those people were in shape before the company asked them to be in the infomercials. The company pays them to endorse the product as the reason they got in shape.

These fitness models are what made us attribute physical fitness with good looks. We then associate good looks with privilege and usually a privilege that’s unattainable for a regular person.

Physical fitness is attainable for everybody and at one point was the standard for all humans. That was before modern fitness changed the motivation of working out.

Since modern fitness is all lies we must look to our more primitive and less civilized ancestors for our true workout motivation.

The Best Motivation to Workout

Your biggest motivation to work out should be, “survival.”

I know you think, “We don’t live in the wilderness, why would I need to workout to survive?

You would be wrong to think that way.

motivation to workout in gym

We do live in the wilderness. Of course, it’s not the same wilderness the cavemen knew since our civilization provides us some protection. Only some protection.

You always read those stories of crazy things happening like outbreaks of violence or even random occurrences like a bear in someone’s backyard. Also, the more common things we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to, like fatal car wrecks.

While these are chance experiences that don’t happen very often, they still happen.

And you need to be ready or face death.

Whenever anyone faces a deadly situation, they never expected it to happen. We never “expect” something bad to happen.

However, being physically fit increases our chances of survival.

In a car wreck, our muscles tense up in a few hundredths of a second. Increasing physical fitness improves these muscle reaction times.

A hundredth of a second can mean the difference between life and death.

Say some guy starts shooting while you’re at the grocery store. That physical fitness allows you to escape faster.

Do yourself a favor and workout for survival, not for appearance.

Do you have a different motivation for working out? Let me know below!

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