How to not Appear Needy


How to not Appear Needy

It might have happened to you that you meet a girl who seems to be wonderful, and you become desperate for things to work out perfectly with her.

You change your personality and try to not upset her at all.

You try to please her and neglect yourself in the way.

But what you must realize is, that changing to a pleasing behavior will not get you that wonderful girl.

It could work in the short run, but soon you’ll appear as needy to her, and women have basically no respect for needy men.


What Exactly does it mean to Appear Needy?


Let’s quickly clarify what is considered neediness before teaching you how to not appear needy.


A man must be a leader.

He needs to be authentic and find a partner that suits his interests.

Things outside this mindset fall into the category of neediness.

Consequently, neediness is those practices in which men stop being true to themselves, and instead, they focus only on pleasing their partner.


Likewise, a man needs to knows he’s worthy of love and affection.

That his opinions matter.

And he needs no external validation.

I tell you this because plenty of men fall into the trap of being ok with not having his needs met.

Only because they are afraid of upsetting the girls they find attractive.

constantly talking needy behavior

Why is it Important to Avoid Neediness?


So far, you know the concept of being needy and you might be aware that is not a good thing.

But why so much emphasis on not showing neediness to girls?

The answer is because it goes against men’s nature.


Naturally, women seek and feel attracted to self-confident men.

A man who can lead and takes responsibility for his actions.

But also, a girl likes a guy who has other romantic options, as that would make her feel like the one most valuable.

Therefore, a man should never act if like his world would crumble should a woman decide she doesn’t like him.


Self-confidence and willingness to go away are essential in every man.

Not pleasing behavior or excessive niceness.

Always go after more than one girl at a time.

It’ll make it easier to adopt the, “one foot out of the door” mentality and also will avoid you from pedestalizing the girl.


Common Behaviors of Needy Men


The following are frequent mistakes made by men when they feel fear of losing a woman they find attractive.

Learn from these mistakes so that you know how to not appear needy.

common needy behaviors of men


Always starting conversations / Constant availability


This happens in all relationships, so don’t get mad if sometimes you think you might have been too available recently.

When in a new relationship with a woman, everything about her seems perfect.

Consequently, men spend more hours on the phone with her than they should.


The problem is that despite women craving attention, they want a man with purpose and ambition in life.

A man that works for a better future for himself.

And replying to texts within a second every time, conveys the opposite message.


Being upset due to a girl not replying/taking too long to reply


Not going too long on this one.

Women usually take hours to reply on purpose to test men.

Simply don’t get upset because working on your purpose is more important than her texts.

Take your time to reply as well but always keep a high-energy, fun frame.


Besides, it could be that she is truly busy with work or some project.

Don’t. Get. Upset.


Asking her out almost every day


In line with the previous two points, a guy who wants to go out every day might not seem like the busiest or ambitious.

Although going out it’s important to get to know each other, one date a week or perhaps two are enough to develop a strong relationship.


In fact, it works in men’s favor the fact of being kind of a mystery to women.

No need to rush on telling her everything about yourself on the first date.


Constantly buying her gifts


Self-confident men don’t need to spend all of his hard-earned money on a woman just for her to like him.

Sadly, this is one of the most common behaviors among needy men.

Doing so will make you appear desperate.


high value men behaviors

Behaviors of High-value Men


Becoming a self-confident man whose success is not measured by being in a relationship is possible.

It’s a matter of learning the right mindset.

Comply with the following practices and you’ll be on your way to a healthy, self-confident mindset.


Put your needs first


This is probably the most important point as it involves multiple behaviors.

It means you have to enjoy approaching women and hanging out with them.


For example, talk about things you like to connect with women that truly appreciate you for who you are.

Likewise, when planning to go out on a date, don’t be afraid to ask her about going to places you find entertaining.

Or also, don’t cancel plans with friends just because a girl asks you to do so.


Be clear with your intentions


Millions of men make the mistake of not telling a girl they like her.

As a result, these men fall into the friendzone.

And they act like they are fine with it.

A similar thing happens with students that endlessly help the girl they feel attracted to with homework and never tell them about how they feel.


In summary, if you want a woman to be your girlfriend, tell her.

Self-confident men know they will never get a girl if they are afraid of rejection.


Set boundaries no matter the consequences


A healthy relationship needs mutual respect.

When your date or partner does something you find offensive, tell her about it.

Although it can cause an argument between the two at the moment, it is beneficial in the long run.

She will appreciate your courage in being honest and feel more respect for you, plus you won’t keep unhealthy resentment within yourself.


Distance yourself once in a while


Relationships with women are a battle of power.

You give women too much power by giving them attention too often.

Remember this: value comes from scarcity.

Don’t text first every time and keep conversations short.


Never stop working on you


Invest a good part of your time in following your life purpose and always work to be a better version of yourself.

Build a business, exercise, study.

This way you’ll feel good with yourself even if relationships with girls are not working out.

But don’t worry, being the best version of you will naturally attract women who like you and want to make babies with you.

You are a great catch!

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