Alpha Body Language to Attract Women


Alpha Body Language to Attract Women

Body language says a lot about a person.

Some say it’s the window to a man’s personality.

Truth is, people can tell a lot about you as a person just by observing the physical signals you give off.

You could be the most handsome man out there and it still won’t matter if your body language tends to steer women away rather than bring them closer to you.


Believe it or not, women are better at reading body language than men.

They can tell if you’re confident just by a simple glimpse in your direction.

That’s why knowing what are the right signals is so important.

Once you get the hang of how to use the proper body language, creating that sexual tension with a woman becomes oh so very easy.

So keep reading to learn all about bullet-proof tips on how to use alpha body language to attract women.

Alpha Body Language Tips

It’s All about the Posture


The first and foremost thing in alpha body language is to have a good posture, both when you’re sitting and when you’re standing.

Something as simple as improving your posture can work wonders for your self-esteem.


You’ll want to keep your ears, shoulders, and hips in alignment, keeping them a vertical line.

When sitting, it’s advisable to get a chair with sufficient lumbar support that fits into the hollow of your lower back.

Your spine should be in contact with the backrest throughout your back.

Always keep your feet flat on the floor when seated.

Resting your hand on your thigh is also a sign you’re comfortable in the environment you’re in.


Another important aspect is to develop an awareness of your posture.

It’s so easy to fall back into old habits.

Resist the temptation to push your head forward and correct your posture when necessary.

After all, having a good posture not only radiates confidence but is also good for your overall back health.

make eye contact alpha body language

Make Eye Contact


Eye contact is important in any type of relationship, but especially when you want to pickup a hot girl, or your crush.

Are you the type of person that walks with their head down or one that looks down while having a conversation?

This has got to change because alpha males walk with their chins up and head high.

This doesn’t mean you have to maintain eye contact continuously – that would be creepy – but your eyes should be relaxed and comfortable during an interaction.


Slow Down


Have you ever noticed that when people are relaxed and confident, they move their bodies much slower?

This usually happens when you’re around someone familiar with whom you feel like you can be yourself.

And when you’re nervous and tense, you move your body faster, right?

Well, no one likes that.


One thing to remember is that women react to how you present yourself.

When you’re acting relaxed, they’ll feel more relaxed too.

And you’ll appear more attractive to them.

But when you’re acting all nervous, or worse – sweaty, she’ll get nervous too.

If you can master the skill of making a woman feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole interaction, then you may call yourself an alpha male.


Simply test this fact on yourself.

Try to slow down your moves and see how you feel.

You’ll most likely notice that you feel more relaxed.

If it has this psychological effect on you, you can be sure it will have the same effect on the women around you.


alpha body language for men

Do Not Cross Your Arms


Crossing our arms when we speak – aren’t we all guilty of this?

But generally speaking, it’s never a good idea to cross your arms when interacting with women.

This is a sign of hostility; it shows her that you are not open to her.

You wouldn’t want to send a signal that you’re closed off to the person in front of you, would you?

You want the exact opposite, so show it!


Walk with an Attitude


Have you seen the way runway models walk?

It’s not just their good looks that makes them attractive but also the way they walk.

Now we’re not saying you need to replicate the way the models walk (that would be a bit awkward), but you should always walk in a way that is relaxing and comfortable to you.


Everyone has a different body, so you can’t change everything about yourself.

However, if possible, try to keep your legs spread slightly wider when you walk.

Another trick is to take long strides, just as the models do.

It shows confidence, which is something that women absolutely love.

Even the way you walk can be a real turn-on.

take up more space alpha body language

Take up Space


Taking up space is a sign of confidence and is highly attractive to women.

Being overly conscious the amount of space you take can look like weakness or tension.

As you can imagine, this is utterly unattractive to women.


Powerful men aren’t worried about taking too much space, so why should you be?

Whenever you feel like sitting in a certain position (unless you want to cross your arms), you should simply do it.

As long as it is in a respectful manner, of course.


Let that Alpha Voice Flow


By now, you know a thing or two about attitude, but keep in mind that your voice should match your alpha attitude.

An alpha man would never reply in one word simply because they’re nervous, and they sure wouldn’t mumble or talk in a tedious voice when they’re facing their crush.

Alpha men have a firm voice and talk to the point.


Final Thoughts


An alpha male is defined by a strong stance and strong eye contact.

He looks like he’s running the show, which puts everyone near him under his control.

Women, who are visual creatures too, are naturally attracted to such strong men because they give off a sense of security.

Every woman, no matter how independent they are, wants someone that looks like they are able to take care of them.


Learning how to put the alpha body language into practice is not something that happens overnight.

With time, you will know exactly what to do.

But if you apply the alpha body language tricks described in this article, you should see a change in the way people perceive you.



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