The 6 Factors of a Strong Confident Man


The 6 Factors of a Strong Confident Man

factors of a strong confident man by the himalaya playa

The Strong, Confident, Man

Confidence is usually the dominating trait when it comes to being successful in seduction. All six of these factors are difficult to develop which is why they’re essential to confidence. Confidence is not easy to develop because it’s forged through the fire of battle. Now, you don’t have to actually do battle to be more confident, but you do have to put yourself in new, uncomfortable situations. This helps you keep your composure when a new, or even dangerous situation arises.

Think about it this way. Who would you want protecting your life? The new guy who has read many books on security detail, but has no actual experience because this is his first job as a bodyguard. Or, the guy who used to protect high-level terrorists after they’re in custody, with 10 years experience.

Work to develop each of the key components of confidence for higher overall confidence. Here are the key factors of a strong confidence man in detail:


factors of a strong confident man by the himalaya playa


Factors of a Strong, Confident, Man


This is your confidence in your ability to survive, period. It includes everything from being able to live on your own, to defending yourself in a physical confrontation.

Knowing and being able to survive on your own is thought of like a right of passage for men. Moving out of your parent’s house is liberating and exciting. Why?

Because you’re in control of everything. You have to cook meals, pay bills, do the laundry. You also have to hold down a job or generate some kind of income.

Survival is a primal trait that factors into a strong confident man. It’s pretty simple. Protect yourself so you don’t die.

While it’s usually a small chance you’ll get into a fight with someone, depending on your lifestyle. The belief you have in yourself to survive the fight, or even emerge victorious is forged through battle.

Training to fight can help build that belief, but things could quickly change should you get into a real fight. Full-speed sparring could help, but it’s usually not the same intensity of an actual fight.

Social Influence

We’re all courtiers in the court. Social circle and the ability to socialize are somewhat a barometer for a strong, confident man.

The statuses range from low-status to high-status or peasant to king. However, in modern society, we have many different courts so status is pretty flexible.

Your overall demeanor, outlook on life, and ability to communicate with others is the least flexible. You carry this nearly everywhere. That’s why a new person from a different city can immediately become well-known in that new location.

Activities, groups, and employment have different courts. You can go from peasant to king when rating your skills in basketball compared to ultimate frisbee. Or you’re the “king of coding,” but a peasant in design.

The more things you can become king at, the more it improves your overall confidence.

We compare ourselves to others. It’s just human nature. More importantly, we compare ourselves to those closest to us.

We often want to socialize with those of our status or higher. The ability to socialize with others successfully of different courts has a direct effect on our confidence.

The ability to socialize upwards increases your influence with the higher status people which naturally increases your social status. The more often this happens, the more influence you acquire in the form of “resources.” These resources are things like money, invitations to parties, help with tasks, etc. The more resources you have, the higher your confidence will be.


how to build a mans confidence


Willingness to take action

Intelligence has nothing to do with confidence. Often times, the smartest person is unsuccessful because of his inability to take action. Overplanning or “analysis paralysis.”

The less intelligent, or more action-oriented man put things into action quickly. He emphasizes getting started now over perfection.

This allows him to experience more thus, giving more experience in all aspects of life.

You can only learn so much from books and schooling. Putting yourself in that position of having to take action is the only true way to learn anything.

This is why strong, confident, men are forged in battle, not books or theories.


On the heels of willingness to take action comes determination. Taking action is rendered useless if you quit the next day.

The determination to improve the action is critical to confidence because beginners usually start a new skill unsuccessfully. Regardless of what new skill you begin, you’ll suck in the beginning.

Faith in yourself that you’ll improve passed the growing pains will allow you to conquer many skills.

Conquering many skills gives you confidence because you know you can improve on anything new you try.


6 factors of a strong confident man by the himalaya playa



I almost added the tagline, “comfort with appearance.” But, let’s face it, the better looking you are, the easier it is to feel comfortable with your appearance.

However, you can improve your appearance to the point where you’re comfortable with how you look.

Physical shape, clothing, grooming can all make you feel comfortable with your presentation to the world. In other words, becoming the best “you” possible.

However, as a strong, confident, man, appearance plays a very small part in overall confidence.


Living in this very moment is the ultimate factor in a strong, confident, man.

Living in the past, constantly reliving old mistakes or successes lowers confidence tremendously because we debate with ourselves what could’ve been different.

Thinking too far in the future, constantly visualizing dreams and success lowers our present confidence because we haven’t made those dreams into reality.

Staying in the moment allows us to learn from and forget past mistakes. We’re comfortable with what happened and have let it go.

While you should have future dreams and goals, the only way to make them reality is to work on them now. You can’t become successful just thinking about it. You have to put in the work every day.

This strongly relates to the willingness to take action and determination, but mindfulness is the key to making those happen.

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