5 Ways to Increase your Masculine Energy


5 Ways to Increase your Masculine Energy

Why Increase Masculine Polarity?

A woman is feminine to varying degrees which determines how masculine of a man she is attracted to. In most cases, a very feminine woman will want a very masculine man.

To show signs of a masculine man doesn’t mean you have to go chop wood, even though it’s great for abs.

Masculine traits or signs of a masculine man. Perceived masculinity in comparison to other men. Even if you don’t think you naturally possess these traits, a man can fake it to bring out his masculine energy.

At some point though, you have to develop this masculine energy within yourself.


Feminine energy in a relationship is designed to be attracted to a masculine man. That’s why it’s very important to increase your masculine polarity as much as possible if you want to date attractive women.

If you’re lacking masculine energy, you’ll need more masculine energy in a female to accommodate for the balance. Remember, too much feminine energy in a man is deemed unattractive to a woman.


5 Best Ways to Increase your Masculine Energy

Here’s a list of 5 ways to increase your masculine energy:
increase masculinity by speaking louder


1. Stick your chest out

Puffing your chest out is the most masculine nonverbal language you can convey. It’s used to assert dominance and can be read by others in this way.

It’s also a great tactic to shape the rest of your body language into confidence. It’s difficult to look down with your chest pumped out which helps you make eye-contact with people.

It also forces you to correct your posture by pulling your shoulders back and standing up tall.

Lastly, it opens up your body language by making you take up more space. Dominant men naturally take up more space than others because their body language is completely open exposing their vital areas.





masculine traits include speaking louder and slower to attract women

2. ‎Speak louder and slower

Masculine men are known to speak a little louder and slower than the average person.

Speaking louder makes other people recognize you’re not afraid to say what you want to say. You should always speak a little louder than you think is needed. You don’t want to have to repeat yourself.

Speaking slowly shows high confidence because it adds drama to your speech. Slowing down more towards the end of your sentences draws in the listener. Actors, comedians, and politicians use this tactic for the same effect because it works.



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masculinity can be increased by shadowboxing


3. ‎Shadowbox

Nothing projects masculinity like fighting. We can achieve this same state of masculine confidence without actually throwing down thanks to shadowboxing.

Learn some basic boxing skills on YouTube. Stance, movement, and 6 punches are all you really need to know. The 6 punches are the jab, straight, left and right hook, left and right upper-cut.

Start off by moving around without throwing any punches, just bobbing and weaving. Then, throw each punch 20 times.

Now, mentally put yourself in the ring with anyone you want. Someone you dislike or even respect as a worthy opponent.

Goes 3 rounds with this person. Start with 1-minute rounds and work your way up to 3-minute rounds as your conditioning improves.

Focus intensely on the guy you’re fighting. What is he wearing? How angry are his facial expressions? Does he move quickly with light punches or slower movement with heavier punches?

The more realistic your visualization, the better. It’ll make you fight harder and spike your testosterone levels.


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listen to podcast to stay current on news


4. ‎Listen to a podcast of current news daily

The masculine man can talk with anyone about anything. Most people talk about current events and news.

Being up to date on the current news allows you to speak intelligently about most topics you’ll come across in general conversation.

This also expands your knowledge allowing you to be more clever and funny with specific references.

You may even hear a joke or two to steal.





go fishing to be more masculine


5. ‎Go fishing

This one isn’t as quick as the others, but man was meant to connect with nature. While these hobbies can be difficult and expensive, fishing has the lowest barrier to entry.

You’ll need about 50 bucks altogether. Fishing pole, lures or bait, and day license. Then, you’ll need a lake or pond.

Sounds like a lot, but fishing is pretty easy and truly relaxing. Something about all the preparation and the act of fishing makes you really feel like a man.



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go to the gun range to increase masculine traits


Bonus: ‎Go to the gun range

This is a bonus because you have to be of legal age and have some money to visit the gun range.

Everything on this list is great for feeling masculine, but you’ll feel like a new man after firing a few pistols.

If you have no experience with guns, take a beginner class. Most ranges offer a free gun safety class. Memorize the 4 gun rules before you go. The only thing you should be concerned about is safety.

The first time is somewhat daunting, but after you fire a few guns, you’ll embrace the rush. Once again, be safe.

Integrating Masculine and Feminine Energy

Developing masculine energy within yourself is one of the most crucial steps to attracting women because her feminine energy makes her attracted to masculine men. This is what makes women feminine to the man and enables her to balance her feminine energy in a relationship with your masculine energy.

Have you heard of ying and yang? Day and night? This refers to the law of polarity in relationships. Light feminine energy and dark masculine energy. The masculine-feminine polarity creates an attraction which leads to chemistry. Well, hopefully, chemistry.

I hope this list helps you increase your masculinity. Leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.

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