4 things you can do to improve yourself every day


4 things you can do to improve yourself every day

Self-improvement has to be a daily plan of action. A routine you practice every day to the point of feeling bad if you break that routine. Here’s a quick plan of action for you to improve yourself daily:


1. Meditate
Meditation has been proven scientifically to have a multitude of benefits. Not just a couple, at least 50 benefits!

They range from higher confidence to dealing with the harsh realities of life.

The main benefit is mindfulness or living in the moment.

Mindfulness is the key to being happy, perfecting a skill, quitting an addiction and much more.

The point is, you need to live in this very moment. This second of time is where your focus should be.

Not in the past. Mistakes that happened years ago shouldn’t be in your mind. Not even mistakes made minutes ago.

Your mind shouldn’t be in the future either. What’s going to happen in 5 years isn’t important today. What’s going to happen tomorrow isn’t important today.

Focus on your breath and keep your mind clear.

2. ‎Workout

Move your body for at least 15 minutes every day.

3 days a week should be strenuous enough to make you sweat. 2 days a week should be some kind of light specialties like yoga or tai chi. The final 2 days consists of light stretching.

This increases your blood circulation which makes you happier, healthier, and smarter.

You’ll also be more confident because you’ve increased your capacity for self-preservation.

Last and least important, you’ll look better.

3. ‎Eat better

Cut or eliminate processed foods and sugary drinks.

Try to cook all of your food yourself. This tremendously cuts down the processed foods in your diet and gives you more energy through the day.

Instead of drinking soda and juice, drink water. Your body is 80% water and needs the stuff to survive.

Your skin will clear up and your body will feel better from being well hydrated.

4. ‎Work on your craft

You need to get better at your hobby every day. Regardless of what it is, you should be improving on it daily.

This will boost your confidence in other areas of life. Small victories daily start to add up over time.

Whichever hobby you choose, make sure it’s something you love doing. After a while of working that hobby daily, you’re going to hate it at times.

Even when you hate it, force yourself to work at it. After you pass that point, you’re beginning to master that hobby.

If you don’t know what hobby you love that much, try a bunch of different hobbies until you find one you love. Maybe you were really good at it, to begin with, or find it comes pretty easily to you.


These are your 4 actions for improvement from this day on. Never miss a day. Missing one day makes it easier to miss two days. Be hard on yourself about sticking to your routine. It’s called self-discipline.

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