Proof that Status has Nothing to do with Seduction


Proof that Status has Nothing to do with Seduction

Tensions are somewhat high thanks to Harvey Weinstien and company. You also have the media hype, click-bait headlines, feminists, the list goes on.

The actions of this group of terrible men are making guys think they should tread lightly in seduction. That’s the worst mistake you can make.

Seduction is not sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Seduction is a primal, instinctual process that leads to mating, thus progressing our species. The sole purpose of seduction is the reproduction of our species.

Rapists have always existed, but the tremendously high profiles of the latest accused make it more attractive to media. A hot button topic if you will.

These guys aren’t skilled in seduction, so they used their position of power to coerce women into sex.

High Status Seduction Doesn’t Help

The fact that they had to do this proves high status doesn’t mean you have women at your disposal.

Guys think, “If I had more money and status I could attract more women.” You couldn’t be more wrong.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you win the lotto tomorrow. 5 million in cash in your hands.

high value status in seduction

Now what? You can’t exchange money for women’s attraction unless she’s a stripper or prostitute. Which isn’t real attraction because she’s just doing a job.

You can go around flashing your money and buying expensive things for attention. But, that only attracts gold diggers who aren’t attracted to you, only your money. You’ll sense her fake attraction every time she asks you for a new designer bag.

You could throw huge parties to assert your social standing. But, who will you invite? Also, this could get expensive to the point where a prostitute would be way more cost-effective.

Money doesn’t solve your problems, it magnifies them.

These men were unsuccessful with seducing women and thought they could eventually use their power to attract more women. When that didn’t happen, they reverted to force.

We’re not rapists. We seduce. Women want to be seduced, not raped or jerked off on.

seductive qualities to turn her on

Treading lightly in seduction is suicide. Doomed from the start. Women want to be lead to the promised land. She doesn’t want to figure things out, she just wants to have an enjoyable experience.

Before the arguments start, some women will lead you straight to the bed, but the number is few. You hurt your opportunities by not making a move or escalating.

Money and status are often non-factors in seduction. The women who are concerned with it are usually not the type of women you want in your life.

Comment or message me if you agree or disagree.

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