Things That Attract Women


Things That Attract Women

Knowing the secrets to conquering a woman is a desire present among most shy men.

They can do anything and everything to know what they can do to make women madly attracted to them.

Although most women are demanding when choosing a partner, attracting a woman is much easier than you think.

Wondering what women are drawn to in men?

Below are tips on the things that attract women.

Things that attract women


If you ask women what they like about men as a non-physical characteristic, there can be two answers: safety and friendliness.

Every woman wants the man they’re with to make her laugh.

Everyone obviously wants to laugh out loud.

This is the main reason why sympathy attracts.

If you make her laugh, you make her feel good.

Being nice is also a trait to increase the chances of survival.

Humor also demonstrates certain social intelligence.

To make people laugh, you have to be socially intelligent.


Obviously, intelligence is not based on mathematical formulas alone: we like intellectuality.

That is a smart guy who has a good repertoire to keep the conversation lively and the interest high.


When I talk about looks, forget about the sculptural body and six-pack abs.

In this case, a good appearance means daily care with your personal hygiene, such as keeping your beard neatly trimmed, giving your hair good regular grooming treatments, and using deodorant and perfume regularly.things to do that attract women


Courage pleases everyone and women too.

Just think of the tales, since ancient times, of the heroic deeds of brave men.

This is a character trait, but it is fundamental.

It was crucial to have the courage to survive in the past, and in our time, it is imperative when you have tough choices to make that can change your life significantly.

You must not confuse courage with the absence of fear.

They are two different things.

Courage means acting despite fear.


Men who have goals and struggle to make their dreams come true are certainly more attractive.

That’s because those who don’t want to know anything about life are considered, at least by us, lazy and not motivating.

And of course, nobody wants to spend their lives with someone like that.

Manicured but masculine hands.

Hands are one of the parts of the male body that women look at very carefully.

They tell about his work, his successes, and his skills.

They are also useful in the context of romantic fantasies.

In general, manicured male hands with large, clean, and well-trimmed nails are considered beautiful and attractive.

A point in favor can be the rings, but they must not be excessive, as they could give an impression of extreme vanity and superficiality.

For the woman, the use she makes of her hands, the way she gestures, how she fixes her hair, or how she touches or grabs objects is also important.


Knowing how to take care of yourself is good for your life and your image.

Being independent (that is, knowing how to do well on your own) is a quality of mature men, which many women admire and value.attracting women

Deep eyes.

What not everyone knows is that most women care relatively little about a man’s eye color.

It’s the cut of the eyes that generally drives them crazy and, above all, how the eye is used.

In my opinion, a game of deep and meaningful looks, the kind that makes you heart pound at any age, is the best sexual foreplay for a woman.

Financial resources.

Yes, that’s right, financial resources, or, to be more exact…

Financial stability plays a very important role when choosing a partner.

And it’s not about ten cars, several houses, or hundreds of adornments, but just a man’s ability to earn money so he can meet the needs of his wife and children.

Women always and above all think about their children (even future ones) and their needs, so they are looking for a man who has his feet on the ground.

The voice that a man has.

This symbol of virility is very important for women. It’s not clear exactly why, but men who have a masculine, deep voice are more likely to appeal to any woman than those with a falsetto voice.

Body odor and scent of a man.

Unlike men, all women are very sensitive to odors.

Therefore, they can be seduced by a man who either has a very pleasant scent or has an attractive body odor.

This acts as sex pheromones thanks to androgens, which are present in male sweat.

Broad shoulders and broad chest that a man has.

Women love broad shoulders and a large chest, which is reflected in a large dorsal surface.

The outward protrusion of well-defined delts and pectorals, which above all, give the woman a sense of primordial security.

The vascularization must not be too marked: the evident one is appreciated only by a limited category of women who are super passionate about bodybuilding.

The tattoos on the chest are most often appreciated by younger women.

Some women prefer a hairless chest, while others prefer it with a little fluff.

However, no one likes the carpet effect, especially if it extends over the back and resources attract women

Strong neck.

A beautiful face loses a lot of charm if it is not supported by a beautiful neck, which has the advantage of making the whole figure slim.

A strong neck allows the man to keep his head high and a proud posture, without “humps” and not “bent forward,” just as women like.

It also looks great combined with both the collar of a shirt and a tie, both with a V-neck t-shirt.

To conclude,

Some men are not extremely handsome or beautiful, but they are still really attractive to women.

They attract attention wherever they go and always end up flirting with the most beautiful or the most popular ladies.

It is not that they have more money or more power, but they emanate a trait of attractiveness that is difficult to describe.

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