15 Best Places to Meet Women for Dating


15 Best Places to Meet Women for Dating

Where to meet women?

Where is the best place to meet women? Man’s most famous question. Anywhere that has ladies is a place we want to be.

Single attractive women? Now you’re asking for too much. Haha.

Truth is, you can meet women anywhere. But, it requires a mindset change.

Stay in the moment

We get stuck in our daily routines to the point that we don’t notice our surroundings.

We go somewhere, and try to get out as quickly as possible. For what?

Think about how you viewed the world as a child.

You noticed every sign, car, person. You weren’t in a rush. You were simply soaking up the moment.

Start doing that now.

When you go to the gas station, don’t just b-line inside and back out.

Slow yourself down. Appreciate every breath you take. Use your senses to fully soak up the moment.

Meditation will help you out if you have a hard time with mindfulness.

Sometimes you miss opportunities to meet women because you’re stuck in your head.

Other times you may have just missed an attractive woman because you were in and out too fast.

A couple of weeks ago, I took my time when getting gas and browsed around the gas station only to find a sexy woman looking at the drinks. I wasn’t planning on buying a drink, but when I saw her, I made conversation and grabbed a $1 can of Arizona. Got her number and we went on a date that night.

Had I been in and out, I would’ve missed her and possibly never seen her again.

You never know who you’ll see if you take an extra minute doing things.

Now, let’s get to my list of great places to meet women for dating.

Best places to meet women

  1. Bar
  2. I favor bars over clubs when it comes to meeting women.

    The main reason is the clubs play extremely loud music and are usually dance focused.

    Bars are more laid back and encourage socializing. So you can usually hear the other person speaking.

    A good mix is a bar with a small dance floor that starts playing music later in the night.

    Check back next week for my guide on the right way to run your night game.

  3. Parties
  4. House parties are better than any club because the setting is already intimate making them a great place to meet women.

    Everyone has some social ties with each other because the house party isn’t open to everyone. Pretty much invite only.

    This opens you to meet friends of friends and expand your social game.

    Meeting women in this setting gives you an advantage because she can trust you run in nearly the same social circle as herself.

  5. Fitness class
  6. best places to meet women

    Everyone is there to sweat and working hard with a group of people brings the group closer together. That makes fitness classes a great place to meet women.

    Try finding a recreation center that gives you access to all the classes for a monthly fee.

    Kickboxing, yoga, spin class, they’re all attended by women.

    Obviously, basketball workshops and free weights classes are going to mainly attended by men.

    I was somewhat surprised at the number of women that attend kickboxing classes. Personally, I feel more comfortable dropping by a kickboxing class than going to yoga.

  7. Walmart
  8. I say Walmart in particular because of the wide demographic of people who visit.

    Usually, plain grocery stores are visited by older people more.

    All ages visit Walmart, and some people visit the store just to simply kill time. The sheer volume of people that go to Walmart is enough to expand your opportunities, which makes it a great place to meet women.

    Later in the evening is usually the best time around 7-10 pm.

    In my experience, it seems women who are attached hit the store earlier around 5-7 pm after work.

    The women that go later seem to be single more often.

    Experiment with different times at Walmart in your area.

    Remember, take your time in the store.

    I wouldn’t go too much later than 10 pm or 11 pm, because that’s when the weirdos usually go.

  9. Gas station
  10. Everyone needs gas, and some gas stations are a goldmine place for meeting women.

    I’ve picked up women from the gas station countless times at all times of the day or night.

    Always go inside to pay and hang out for a few minutes. Grab a drink or some gum, or just browse around for a little bit.

    Like with Walmart, check out a few gas stations at different times of the day.

    The more popular ones attract more people like, Circle K or 7 Eleven, giving you a better chance.

    But, don’t count out the local shops, those can be popular if they’re located in a better area with a lot of foot traffic.

    One of my favorite gas stations to meet women was right by my house and next to a shopping center as well. Many women would go to the gas station after leaving the shopping center.

    Think about gas stations located next to shopping centers, colleges, business development areas, and malls.

  11. Mall
  12. Of course, malls are a great place to meet women because most women love the mall.

    My success rate was never that good in the mall, but I’ve still picked up women in the mall, very easily at times.

    While it’s a place you can meet women, I’d only go on the weekends. I’m not going to stay for hours approaching every girl I see.

    I’d rather take my shots when I see them, then go about my day.

  13. Online
  14. This is probably the most obvious place to meet women besides the bar or club.

    However, many guys want to hop straight on Tinder and the most popular dating sites.

    These main apps are great but don’t overlook the lesser-known sites and apps.

    Location-based apps like Skout, Meet Me, and others are a good way to find women locally.

    One of my favorite apps to meet women is Tagged.

    It falls somewhere in between tinder and Facebook. You can meet women locally and build a friends list of potential women for the long-term game.

    You’ll have to do some digging though. Definitely a high number of unattractive girls on the app nowadays.

    But, the cute ones I’ve met ended up being freaks. In a good way.

  15. Part-time job
  16. Get a job to meet women? Not the ideal place to meet women, but it happens more than you’d think.

    A part-time job has plenty of benefits besides extra cash.

    Expand your social circle by hanging with people you work with outside of the job. Think back to house parties.

    Improve your social skills by dealing with people every day and improving your conversational skills.

    You meet women you work with as well as customers depending on the job.

    Think entry level, easy jobs with a high turnover rate.

    My favorites were hotels, call centers, and factory type jobs, but the next two places can be good places to work and meet women to date.

  17. Liquor store
  18. Disclaimer: Don’t become an alcoholic just to meet women. Please drink in moderation or it can fuck your life in the face.

    Everyone is looking to have a good time so the liquor store is usually a popular spot.

    Meeting women at that time can be good because starting a conversation can get you an invite for later that night.

    Weekends are usually better because you’ll see more people getting ready for parties or pre-gaming for the night.

    As with the other places, location is important when selecting a liquor store to meet women.

    The more popular the liquor store, the better. Liquor store near a college or mall is the prime real estate for meeting women to date.

  19. Smoke shop
  20. Disclaimer Again: Don’t become a smoker to meet women. It’s a terrible habit that’s hard to quit.

    Most smoke shops sell soda, gum, and the best candles you’ll find.

    However, if you smoke already, check out the smoke shop when you want to find a place to meet women.

    Early in the evening, right after work is the best time to visit these places.

  21. Starbucks
  22. Many women love Starbucks. This makes Starbucks a good place to meet women.

    Stop in every so often and grab yourself a caramel frappe or your drink of choice.

    You can meet women while you’re waiting for your drink.

    Or, depending on the setup, you can sit inside and sip your drink, making conversation with the women waiting on their drinks.

    Don’t go too often though because the drinks are expensive.

  23. Local events
  24. Local events are listed as my favorite place to take a first date, but you can also meet local women at these events.

    Keep track of what’s going on in your area and check them out regardless.

    Sometimes the event sounds boring but will have a good turnout making it easier to socialize and meet women.

    Art galleries, block parties, recreation center events all have local women that volunteer and attend.

  25. Holiday events
  26. These are nearly identical to local events except they occur for the holidays.

    New Year’s, Independence Day, Christmas, and other themed events are all great places for meeting women.

    Look for late night events or events that start early, but don’t end until later at night.

    That way you can avoid most of the families and children.

    Seriously, New Year’s, Independence Day, and Halloween are exceptional for meeting women.

    Don’t forget cultural holidays like Cinco De Mayo, for example, if you like Hispanic women. Though you can find women of all nationalities out at these culturally specific events.

  27. Professional classes
  28. places to meet women for dating

    Taking a free or cheap class that teaches a professional skill is great for meeting women because you can bond over the skill.

    My success rate when picking up women from these events is pretty low, but when it happens, its really easy.

    I’ve done it a couple of times with women sitting next to me in the class.

    Also, once just talking to a girl during the breaks.

    Look for “start a business” class or something more ambitious than typing 101. Classes that teach Microsoft Excel tend to have large numbers of women as well.

  29. The Next City Over

I’m a huge fan of convenience and like meeting women in my area.

However, it’s good to change the scenery and see what’s going on in the next city over. Maybe even two cities over.

Demographics of people can change so much from town to town and it’s good to have a variation of women you’re meeting.

Sometimes you can be in a slump in your own town but feel like the most popular guy in the next small town over.

Since you’re not a regular in the town, you’ll tend to attract more attention, which is great for meeting new women.

The Usual Advice on Places to Meet Women

The usual places to meet women I didn’t mention are meetups for hobbies, concerts, and volunteering.

You can meet women at meetups for your hobbies, depending on your hobbies.

If you go to a coding meetup, it’ll likely be scarce when it comes to women.

I like boxing and there are usually only a few girls at the boxing gym. However, visiting a cardio kickboxing class, I only saw one other guy and maybe 15 women.

I’ve met women at concerts and shows, but I don’t go to those regularly. That’s a once in a while local event pretty much.

I don’t usually volunteer, so I didn’t include it. If you do, this can be a place to meet women, but I have no personal experience with picking up women that way.

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