5 Day Game Openers to Attract Women at the Grocery Store


5 Day Game Openers to Attract Women at the Grocery Store

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Attracting women at the grocery store is possible, but difficult, especially for a day game beginner. The difficulty arises from the small window of time you have for conversation before she moves on. If you can do it right, the grocery store is one of the best places for day game.

These day game openers will give you an opportunity to gauge her interest and openness to meet someone new.

That’s very important in a grocery store because most women are on a mission when they grocery shop. Like everyone else, they go to get food and leave.

Some people are open to meeting others at the grocery store. Others are very closed off when shopping because they have other things to do or are attached already. The ability to understand body language will help you realize when to approach a girl and when to leave her alone.

If you gauge some openness in the form of a laugh or interest in the conversation, introduce yourself and shake hands to deepen the connection.

Remember, pick up lines and conversation starters are essentially the same thing. Pick up lines are usually uninspired and delivered without emotion. Conversation starters are more genuine sounding and delivered in an upbeat vocal tone.

Adopt this mindset when you attempt any of the lines on this indirect openers list.

Day Game Openers for Attracting Women

Here are my 5 best day game openers for attracting women at the grocery store:


  1. Ask for help finding something – “Do you know where the 2% milk is?”
  2. This isn’t the best opener for beginners in day game because she can respond badly. For example, “I don’t work here!”

    But, if say it correctly, this is one of the best opening lines to talk to a girl. You can turn this into a conversation and possibly a date in order to show your gratitude to her for being helpful. And to seduce her, obviously.

    When she’s in the aisle looking for something, ask for her help finding something in that same section.

    If she’s in the cereal aisle looking at cereal say, “Have you seen the Honeycomb?”

    It needs to be something close she can easily point to and preferably something right in front of her. It’s not very helpful for her to direct you to another part of the aisle or a separate aisle.


  3. Ask her opinion on some kind of food – “What do you think, elbow noodles or angel hair?”
  4. Some pua communities know this as the opinion opener. This is one of the best cold approach openers because most women are willing to give their opinion without much hesitation. This makes day game easier by basically, allowing her to start the conversation, indirectly.

    Again, proximity is key here. You want to ask her opinion on the food she’s already looking at.

    If she’s looking at jelly ask, “Which is better, strawberry jelly or peach jelly?

    Don’t ask a woman in the chips aisle which granola bar she prefers because she might not eat them and that’s weird.


    5  day game openers to attract women at the grocery store by the himalaya playa


  5. Get in her way – “I apologize, I excel at getting in people’s way.”
  6. Stand in the middle of the aisle with your cart like you’re looking at something on the shelf. Make sure you block off the whole aisle.

    This is a little more difficult because you have to predict her movements. But usually, when she starts walking down one aisle, she’ll continue down that aisle, unless whatever she needed was at the end of the aisle.

    When she says, “excuse me.” Reply almost surprised, “I’m sorry, I’m just blocking the whole aisle.”

    Slowly move out of the way while gauging her interest and eye-contact.

    Again, you want to make it look like you’re accidentally blocking the aisle. Don’t have your cart turned sideways intentionally like you’re about to charge a toll.


  7. Knock stuff off the shelf – “I shouldn’t be allowed in grocery stores.”
  8. This is possibly the least traditional and more difficult opener, but it has worked for me in the past, intentionally and unintentionally.

    Before you start clearing shelves, take a couple of things into consideration.

    Be thoughtful about what items you knockdown. Go for unbreakable items like noodles, cereal, chips, etc. Stay away from items that can break or spill like glass jars, gallons of milk, etc.

    Proximity is important for all of these openers, but it’s critical here. Too close and stuff could fall on her. Too far away and she won’t care.

    If you pull this move perfectly, she’ll likely help you pick up some of the items which are a great spark for conversation.

    As I said, this move is difficult, but it works.

    best lines to approach a girl at the grocery store by the himalaya playa


  9. Coincidentally run into her – “We must be cooking the same meal tonight.”

Coincidence is great for naturally sparking conversation. The key is to make it seem like an unintended coincidence. Don’t stalk the woman.

When you see her in an aisle, pull your cart up beside her and look at the same items she’s looking at.

You can open a conversation here since the two of you are standing side by side. Or you can wait and do the same thing again when you see her in another aisle.

You need to start a conversation that second time you see her because pulling the same move again will likely make her think you’re following her.

You can also use this move at the checkout line, but it’s more difficult because she would need to be in line first. Then, you have to be the next person in line which is tough depending on the crowd at the store.

Be careful working the coincidence day game opener because you don’t want the police called on you for stalking.


I hope these day game openers for women at the grocery store are helpful for you.

Remember, you need that initial conversation to gauge her interest and openness to you. This list of indirect openers will help you out with that.

What do you think about these day game openers? Am I missing something? Message me or comment below.

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