14 Things to Know when Interpreting Female Body Language


14 Things to Know when Interpreting Female Body Language

When a man likes a woman, all he wants to know is if she feels the same way about him.

The first thing you need to know is that human beings, and women in particular, do not just communicate verbally.

In fact, verbal communication is only one part of general communication.

Women speak through body language and facial gestures.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to ask the woman you like directly about her feelings.

By interpreting female body language you can reveal her emotions.

best ways to interpret female nonverbal cues

Interpreting female body language

Below are 14 signs of female body language that will allow you to understand the woman you like.

1. She beautifies herself when she’s with you

When you are with her, she starts combing her hair, putting on lip balm or touching up her makeup.

That behavior is a clear sign that she is interested in you.

She wants to look pretty to get your attention.


2. Her body gets closer to you when you are together

When you are together talking, standing or sitting, if you can notice that she brings her body towards you is a sign that she likes you.

On the contrary, if she puts her arms in front of her body, covers her face or leans back, it is because she prefers to stay away from you.


3. When she looks at you, her pupils dilate

When you are with the woman you like, if you can notice that her pupils dilate, it is because she is interested in you.

This reaction is unconcious, so when you are with her, observe that detail well.

But, don’t be weird when trying to look.

female body language interpretation

4. See her lips

When a woman is interested in a man she unconsciously moves her lips to get his attention.

These gestures can be: gently biting her lips, nervously chewing gum or drinking water constantly.


5. Look at her eyebrows

When you look at her, look closely at her eyebrows.

When she talks to you, if she opens her eyes and raises her eyebrows it is because she is well predisposed to know you better.

You have managed to awaken her curiosity and she wants to know more about you.

On the contrary, it can happen that she raises her eyebrows for a bad reason: you have said something offensive or indecent to her and she gets angry with you.


6. The look

This detail is very important.

If she cannot stop looking at you when you are together and very close to each other, it is because she is interested in you.

If she also wants to be closer to you, it may indicate that she is ready for you to kiss her.

However, let your intuition guide you.

If she is really interested in you, you can kiss her.


7. Knows the basic female body postures

-When she sits down she keeps her legs open: this indicates that she is very confident.

-Crossed arms: she is on the defensive.

-Interlocked ankles: she feels insecure.

female touches herself

8. Subtle physical contact

For cultural reasons a woman never touches a man she knows little about.

Therefore, if she is encouraged to subtly touch your elbow, shoulder or knee it is because she is interested in you.

When a woman is trying to seduce a man, nothing is by chance.

Even the most subtle physical touch means something, usually it is interest.


9. She laughs at anything you say

That’s a clear sign that he likes you.

She is perceiving you as a smart and quick thinking man.

She certainly wants to get to know you better.

As you can see, interpreting female body language is easier than you thought.


10. Watch her body activity

Usually when a woman is in front of the man she likes, she starts to develop a sudden hyperactivity.

She suddenly begins to play with her cell phone in her hands but not using it, looking for something in her purse, moving around more, etc.

This happens because she feels somewhat intimidated by being near the man she is interested in.

If, on the contrary, she stands quietly when sees you, it is because you have not yet awakened any emotion in her.


11. Synchronicity of movements

When a man and a woman are attracted to each other they tend to have a synchronicity in their movements.

If you and she smile together, move your hands together, or sit down at the same time, it is because there is synchronicity between the two of you.


12. Listen to her voice

The voice is an element that reveals a woman’s feelings.

When she is attracted to a man, she tends to change the tone of her voice.

She becomes sexy, provocative and dominant.

Through the voice, she lets you know that she is interested in you.

However, if she has the same tone of voice it is because she has not yet noticed you.


interpreting female body language

13. She touches herself

When you are together in conversation, see if she touches herself.

She might play with her hair, stroke her neck, or touch her legs.

On an unconscious level, she is indicating that you might touch her in the same way.

Obviously you should not start stroking her at that very moment.

She is simply letting you know that she would like you to caress her at the right time and place.


14. She shows you her neck

If when you are in front of her, she starts moving her head and shows you her neck, it is because she is interested in you.

She has confidence in you and would like you to come a little closer.

Keep in mind that the neck is a vulnerable part of the human body.

If she shows you her neck it is because she wants to establish a bond with you.



Interpreting female body language is a great resource for getting to know women better.

You can carefully observe the behavior of the woman you like and come to accurate conclusions.

Remember that human communication is more nonverbal than verbal.

That is why body language contains valuable information that you need to understand women.

The important thing is that you behave like a gentleman and approach her with good educated moves.

You will become more succesful with women using these tips.







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