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playa playa from the himalayas

Playa Playa From The Himalayas

Playa Playa from the Himalayas is a phrase that refers to a man that every woman desires and every man aspires to be. It refers to the man that seemingly has it all. I always aspired to be that man, and after many failures and much learning, I have become that man.

Early on in my dating life, I experienced the hardships of seducing women. At that point, I began experimenting to increase my success in attracting women. To truly become The Himalaya Playa.

By the time I was a senior in high school, people started calling me The Himalaya Playa. I acquired the nickname again in my sophomore year of college. I transferred schools for my junior year and once again, most of my guy friends would call me, “Playa playa from the Himalayas.”

I wasn’t necessarily looking for the nickname, but I appreciated it. I worked hard to develop my skills and I was only really interested in attracting women. At some point, guys started asking me if I could teach them to attract women the way I did.

At first, I said, “You can’t teach this!” Then, I decided to help one of my close friends because he was really struggling with attracting women. “Alright, I’ll share some of my secrets with you”

I wasn’t sure my dating advice would work because he wasn’t me. But, they did. And he was thrilled. Extra thrilled since he was on a drought.

Then I thought, maybe there’s more science to attracting women than I thought.

Real-life experience and a Communication Degree with emphasis on interpersonal relationships and nonverbal communication transformed me into a dating expert for men. Or more importantly, “The Himalaya Playa.”

My dating advice for men has completely changed their lives by allowing them to be successful in attracting and seducing women. I have also helped numerous men become the best version of themselves in the process.

Dating for men has never been easy, but I can teach you to succeed, quickly by:

  • Increasing your confidence
  • Improving your nonverbal communication
  • Expanding your social skills

These are the three most important areas you need to master in order to be successful in dating women.

Many “so-called” coaches and pick up artists think they have the magical method to attract women or the one thing you have to do to seduce women, but it’s mostly uneducated guesses. These guys make numerous cold approaches and pressure women into sleeping with them or use cheap tricks that only work on women with low self-esteem.

They want to sell you on private coaching or even worse, boot camps, just so they can keep making money from you. They don’t want to actually teach you how to attract women.

They subscribe to the school of thought, “Don’t cure what you can treat.”

I’m here to treat you using skills I’ve spent years developing, testing, and mastering.

Like any subject written about human psychology, one size doesn’t fit all.

What helps you attract women may not work for the next guy. Same as, what works to attract one woman may not work to attract another woman. Obviously, because each of us is different, and each woman we talk to will be different.

That’s where these pickup artists and coaches fail. They think they can make the same approach on every woman. Use the same canned lines every time. And use the same tricks on every woman they want to attract.

The world doesn’t work that way.

Every woman you talk to is different so you can’t expect to use the same approach with all of them.

A better method is to improve yourself, so you have the ability to attract and seduce women, regardless of the situation.

Things you’ll learn from The Himalaya Playa


A confident man can handle any situation and always seems calm, regardless of the circumstances. Women like a confident man because life is crazy. Since women are the more emotional sex, it’s better when they have a relaxed man who doesn’t lose his composure when facing bad odds.

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is the very core of how humans communicated. Before language existed, we communicated using body language and grunts. We still maintain this ability to read body language, but many of us forget or don’t pay much attention to it. Women are more sensitive to body language, so if your body language and verbal language are incongruent, she will notice. Body language is so powerful in fact, you can seduce a woman without even speaking or saying very little.

Social Skills

Humans are social animals so social skills are extremely important in seduction and life. Women want a man that can socialize freely with her friends, family, and others in her life. She doesn’t want a man that is always awkward and weird around other people. She wants to show her man off to those important in her life and brag about how cool he is.

Putting these skills together has helped 90% of the guys I advise and helped them reach all of their goals. Most of them have to set new goals because they didn’t realize their initial goals were easier than they thought.

My dating tips for men are tested and proven in the real world, by real men.

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