Attract Any Woman With These Proven Opening Lines

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Have you ever seen the most attractive woman, only to walk up to her and have nothing to say?

Or maybe you said something dumb like, “You’re so beautiful, like my mom.”

Or something boring, “Nice weather today, am I right?”

Or downright embarrassing, “I wish I could paint pictures of you.”

This is not how to attract a woman. Some guys think they’re being attractive to women with their canned pickup lines.

Truth is, you would’ve had a better chance by not saying anything at all.

Don’t worry. I present you with my best openers to attract a woman. Some of these even work to attract a woman who is not interested, initially.

Proven Openers to Attract Women

1. “Your hair looks great all curly like that.”

This is a great sideways compliment opener to attract a woman.

Compliment specifically on something she’s wearing like earrings, or a specific feature, like her eyes or smile.

The specific comment shows you’re paying attention to her details. Any guy trying to pick-up women can say you look cute.

She wanted someone to notice her dangling, shiny new earrings.

That’s why she wore them. That’s why she bought them. She wants a man, hopefully, you, to notice and be attracted to her.


2. ‎”It’s proven that fruit-flavored candy is healthy.”

This is my favorite opener to attract a woman how to attract women instantly

Make a real-time, in-context joke about something happening in the environment. You’ll have to be quick on your feet.

Everyone likes to laugh. Laughter is one of the quickest ways to establish a connection. This is especially helpful during the day when trying to pick up a woman.

You’re not a comedian, so you shouldn’t just open with random jokes. That’s why you need a joke in-context.

Bonus points because it doesn’t sound like a canned opener you’ve repeated to 100s of other women.


3. ‎”Looks like everyone here is going to the big game.”

Another great opener to attract women that’s clearly not a canned pickup line.

Make a real-time, clever observation about the environment or the people around. This can also be combined with a to pick up a woman not interested in you

If you can’t make a joke, you can make a clever observation. It doesn’t even have to be that clever.

It can be obvious. You just need some engagement to get things started for the pick-up.


4. ‎”I can’t decide, red or blue Powerade?”

This is a great opener for attracting women because women love to offer their opinion.

Ask for her opinion on something, help to figure something out, or locating something.

As a last resort, ask for directions.

It’s perfectly normal to ask a woman’s opinion on something. And they’re usually happy to give their opinion.

It doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering decision. Just something she can chime in about.

You can ask for directions to something close to a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop.

It needs to be close because she’s not going to be interested in giving you elaborate directions.

Especially when she can tell you to “Google it.”

A place close-by she can basically point at is your best bet.

how to pick up any woman

Remember, these are just basic openers to get some engagement and gauge her interest before attempting to seduce her.

You need to introduce yourself and initiate a conversation in the next couple lines for a successful pick-up.

You can only talk about the environment or her cool shirt for a limited time. Talking about it too long will make you sound obsessed.

I recommend you introduce yourself and find a way to keep the conversation going organically. Or not forced.

Trying to force it is the easiest way to get shut down. She’ll feel it and think you’re trying too hard.

I hope you enjoyed this list of openers to attract women. Use them and they will work well for you.

Download the Infographic 4 Openers to Pick-up Any Woman

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